TCC, Monograph, article: problem and solution

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About writing …

Writing is to draw mental images with the outline of words. But this activity is secondary, because we must first grasp the “image” and then write it.

When the writer is producing his texts, his brain consumes a lot of energy. In the resting state, the brain spends an average of 20% of the body’s energy. The rest of the energy is used in the functioning of vital organs (heart, lung, stomach etc.), in the support of the body and in other activities.

Formatting of academic texts: the problem

The formatting of academic texts strictly following the norms (ABNT, APA, NBRs) required by the institution is a task of great responsibility of the student. It is not by chance that the universities teach the discipline Scientific Methodology.

However, looking at the reality of academics’ lives and the goals of universities, some aspects of this discipline can not be fully taught, as they would depend on the deeper technical knowledge of word processors – which would be really impractical because it would require time and, On the other hand, there would be deviation of focus.

Formatting of academic texts: the solution

The most advisable and practical to remedy this problem would be to hire a professional experienced in word processors. Only they can do exactly what the universities require of their students.

Our company counts on professional formatters who perform this activity daily. In addition to the Academic Formatting of TCCs, Scientific Articles, Monographs, Dissertations and Theses, we also offer the services of Text Revision, Typing, Audio Transcription.

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